Special Units & Apple Products

Micorosft requires customers to be categorized under at least one of our recognized qualifiers to be able to purchase units with their licenced software. For this reason, CFC offers refurbished computers without Microsoft Office software known as “Specials”. With Open Office software in its place, savings are passed down to you, and certain units will be available to the general public. Special units are in A++ condition and can be preloaded with Windows 10 Pro for an additional charge if you qualify.

Units Available to the Public.

Units that are preloaded with any free or open source operating system fall under the same category – as they do not have any Microsoft software, these units are available for sale to the general public with no prerequisites needed to be met.

Specials can be as affordable as $50, but they average at the $200 range. Stock is constantly fluctuating and models can change on a daily basis.

Apple Computers

Our stock of Apple laptops, desktops, and iMacs are highly limited. Any Apple product will not come preloaded with Microsoft Office, therefore, these units are available to the general public as well. No certification needed.

Our showroom is open during regular business hours. Please call us or email us with your request to see if our current stock may fulfill your requirements.