CFC Services

CFC offers low cost systems to schools, non-profit, and low-income families.

  • Virus/Malware Removal and Optimized system  $45.00
  • Laptop replacement screen.  (If not a CFC laptop, you have to purchase the replacement screen.) $100
  • Reload of OS, or factory reset of OS on your systems. $60  ( We recommend you backup your files, before we reload your system)
  • Data Transfer $40 to systems, and $50 for transfer of data to USB flash drive
  • Data Recovery  Desktops, and laptops $100
  • $20 Diagnostics PC or MAC
  • $15 per drive for Data Destruction or Erasure (Audit report included) DATA DESTRUCTION BROCHURE – Service can be provided on or off-site.
  • Click for acceptable ITEMS
  • Pickup services  (Cargo Van or 26 ft truck available)

Please call us for details at 530-895-4175, or email us at