CFC Services

CFC offers service to anyone. Payment is required before service is rendered. Once the diagnosis is made, CFC will contact the Customer to update them about possible findings. Additional payment will be required before any further services are provided to the system. CFC can not reload Windows operating system on devices not originating from CFC.

  • $20 – Diagnostics
  • $45 – Virus/Malware Removal and Optimized system  
  • $100 – Laptop replacement screen. (If not a CFC laptop, you must purchase the replacement screen.) 
  • $60 – Reload of OS or factory reset of OS on your systems. (We recommend you backup your files before we reload your system)
  • $50 – Data transfer to systems
  • $60 – Data transfer to USB flash drive
  • $100 – Data Recovery Desktops and laptops
  • $15 – per drive for Data Destruction or Erasure (Audit report included). DATA DESTRUCTION BROCHURE – Service can be provided on or off-site. Erasure Report sample
  • Click for acceptable ITEMS
  • Pickup services for businesses (Cargo Van or 26 ft truck available)

Please call us for details at 530-895-4175, or email us at