School and Business Used Computer Donations

For northern California schools and businesses having a large number of donations, CFC may provide pick-up services at your facility.

Corporate computer donations

Computers for Classrooms gladly accept school and business-used computer donations. We also accept donations of all used electronics. For larger donations, we can often arrange pick-up services. We have a secure facility where all hard drives are wiped or destroyed of all your private information. The following are acceptable items.

To schedule a pickup – email Louis at or call Louis at 530-895-4175 option 2.

We often travel to the Bay Area, Redding, Sacramento, and other areas in northern California. We have made pick-ups and deliveries through California depending upon the quantity and quality of the donations. We have a 26-foot box van with a lift gate to service facilities without loading docks. There is a minimal travel expense fee to cover the cost of our truck.

We have expanded our operations over the past 31 years by helping donors so that we are called again when more donations are ready to be picked up.

We can provide an asset-tracking inventory and charitable donation receipt upon request. After years of making the entire donation process easier, CFC has donors who have contributed regularly and referred us to others. We are experienced and professional and try to make your job easier.

Computers for Classrooms uses Blancco for hard drive wiping.  Blancco is an excellent product that produces reports that are saved in HTML format.  These reports can be used in a court of law to prove the data has been removed.  By using Blancco, banks, hospitals, superior courts, attorneys, tax preparers, and others demanding the highest level of security are regular contributors to our program., a multinational company, uses our services for data security and assistance with philanthropy requests.

All hard drives are wiped to United States Department of Defense standards. Currently, the NIST 800-88 is the most commonly requested standard. Even if the donor states they have been wiped, we do it again for our satisfaction. Computers are never started with the hard drive installed. We even wipe the hard drives from laser printers and copiers. Any drive that does not wipe completely is sent through our DeGausser. The DeGausser sends out a high burst of magnetic energy that penetrates the drives and erases all data from the disks. Unfortunately, it destroys the drive, so it cannot be reused. The hard drive is still valuable as a commodity as it contains valuable parts.

CFC will do it right. The school donations can be refurbished to make them available for low-income families. By reusing technology, we can all greatly help the environment and provide low-cost computers to those who can’t afford to buy new ones.

Computers for Classrooms has entered into agreements with school districts and Colleges so that we receive their donations while assisting their students in getting home computers. Community colleges find their students are more apt to drop out if they don’t have a home computer. We can help to solve the problem. It is a Win-Win for everyone, including the environment.