Governmental Used Computer Donations

CFC receives governmental used computer donations from the State of California, Federal donations, county and local governments.  We have many great working relationships with many government agencies, in making the transition as smoothly as possible for large volumes of donations.  We have experience in assisting in state roll outs.

CFC has new Data Destruction services available.  Since the state requires that all data be sanitized prior to leaving the facility, CFC can bring our Degausser or new Data Destroyer to your site.  We offer a Certification of Destruction, a spreadsheet listing the hard drive by serial number, the date and method of destruction.  This can be used for your audit trail as proof of data security.  Our new portable equipment can even destroy Solid State Drives, flash drives and memory cards.  Take a look at our new addition of hardware in our Data Destruction Brochure.  We’ve serviced many hospitals, counties, and state agencies with our Data Destruction services.

CFC has performed data destruction services to hospitals, CHP, IRS, Dept of Health Care Services, Broadcom, Dept of Education, and many more.

The State of California lists Chico Unified School District as the program name. Some federal donations are also listed as Chico Unified School District as they are our sponsoring organization.

State of California departments wanting to donate to Computers for Classrooms can select Chico Unified School District on their Form 152. Please select Code 7 and then go to Butte County, Chico Unified School District. CFC is associated with Chico Unified School District.  Once you receive approval from DGS – give us a call, or email us to schedule a pickup.  Computers for Classrooms can assist other schools throughout California, and not just Chico Unified School District.  There is no Fee for pickup’s for state and government agencies.  Click on the link for an example.  Please note, the Disposal Type: and Transfer To: dropdown fields will not appear unless Disposition 7 is selected. Chico Unified will not appear in the last dropdown unless Disposal Type: S – Eligible Public School is selected.

  • Disposition: 7 Donation to Public Computer Center
  • Disposal Type:  S – Eligible Public School
  • Transfer to:  Chico Unified School District; 1163 East 7th Street Chico CA.  Contact: Ozzie Serrano – CFC is associated with Chico Unified School District and our donee number on file is 04-5-0015-4C.

If you need any further information in order to complete your donation forms, please contact us for assistance.

CFC can pick up directly from offices. We can bring sufficient staff, pallets and shrink wrap.  You can call Ozzie to schedule a pickup, or email Louis Davis at to discuss the best way of handling your donation.  The following are acceptable items.   CFC is insured, and can provide a Certificate of Insurance.

CFC uses White Canyon to wipe all hard drives.  Even though you have wiped the drives, we do so again using an expensive, but excellent program.  Even hidden sectors are wiped.  We can also wipe solid state drives using the White Canyon software.  Your data will be removed completely or the hard drive destroyed.

We would be happy to furnish references from our satisfied customers.

The State of California is sending only 15% of its Surplus for Reuse rather than Recycling.  There are 2 million children in California that do not have access to technology at home.  There is a better way!  Allow Computers for Classrooms to handle your surplus and to provide a low-cost option for schools and families to have a vital tool – technology at home.