Computers for Low-Income families, Seniors, Veterans and Students on Financial-Aid.

CFC provides guaranteed working computers for Senior Citizens, low-income families and those who cannot afford to buy new ones.  As Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers we can only place Microsoft licensed computers with qualified participants.  Software installed.

We ask clients to sign a Certification Letter. The buyer certifies that he qualifies for at least one of the programs listed and the computer is to be for personal use and not resold. For a copy of the letter and list of qualified recipients click on certification letter.  We ask the client to provide us with verification of their eligibility.

For schools where over 75% of the students qualify for free or reduced price lunch, we allow any family at the school to get a computer system from us – the entire school qualifies.

We only accept cash or Credit or Debit cards as methods of payment. You can stop by our office between 9:00 and 5:00 weekdays to see what we have. The desktop systems are guaranteed for one full year – software and hardware. We guarantee the laptop hard drives and software installed for one year, but the battery and other hardware on the laptop for 90 days. Laptops are more susceptible to damage such as broken screens and tripping over the power adapters and damaging the motherboard.

For qualifying families.  We do a checkup of a computer system you may already own for only $20.  We can give you an unbiased evaluation of what you will need to get it up and running. We are here to help you.

After the year’s warranty has expired we often allow our clients to upgrade to a newer computer at a lower price. We are here to help you for the long run.

Take a look at our pricelist (Español).

How to order a system

  • Make certain you qualify by checking the Certification Letter
  • Pick out a system by visiting the Price Sheet
  • A $40 NON-refundable deposit will be required for orders.  The $40 deposit will go towards your final purchase order.
  • Contact Lilia by phone or email.  Please give her your name, phone number, email, shipping address and program under which you qualify.
  • We will send you an email or contact you by phone when your order is ready to be shipped.  You will have the total including shipping at that time.  We will get your credit or debit card information.  Once the sale is authorized we will ship the same day and destroy any credit card information you have given us.  You will also receive the transaction receipt, paid invoice and UPS tracking number.