Nonprofits Requesting Computers

Nonprofit organizations need to bring a copy of their IRS nonprofit determination letter.

CFC can only furnish computers to those organizations that do not discriminate on any basis.

Nonprofit organizations can receive computers with Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office 2010. The offerings for non-profits are the same as for schools with the exception that we are authorized by Microsoft to load Microsoft Office 2010 suites on computers for nonprofits but not for schools.

We will accept Purchase Orders from qualified nonprofits or checks. You can look at the price sheet for schools but remember that your computer can have MS Office 2010.

Click on the Current Price Sheet to see what we can offer.

We may be able to offer laptop computers to nonprofits. Email Ozzie or Lilia under our contact information to determine availability, configurations and prices.

Once we have determined the specifics of your order, we will send you a written proposal. Once you return the Purchase Order number or email confirmation, we will work on your project and notify you when it is ready to be picked up or shipped.